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Chuysky Tract

Chuisky tract bears the proud title of the most beautiful Russian route, this is the main federal road of Altai. She winds along the valleys of seven rivers, between ten mountain ridges, crosses high-altitude steppes and passes.

The Chuysk tract, the M-52 road that runs along the Novosibirsk-Biysk-Tashanta route, is the main transport artery of the Altai. The site from Biysk to Tashantha is called "Chuyskiy tract". Officially, the Chui highway starts at the bridge across the Biya River, passes through the Altai Territory and is mostly located in the Altai Republic, and ends at the border with Mongolia. The length of the motorway is 953 km.On the Chuysk tract, mainly on the right bank of the lower Katun River, from the village of Souza to the village of Chemal - in the so-called "Chemal Cul-de-sac", there is a "resort zone" of the Altai Republic with a large number of tourist centers, campsites and hotels. It is here that large-scale construction of tourist recreational areas for comfortable recreation "Biryuzovaya Katun" (in the Altai Territory near the village of Nizhne-Kayancha) and "Altai Valley" (in the Altai Republic near the village of Manzherok) is planned.