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Geyser Lake (Blue or Silver Lake)

This rare in its origin and amazingly beautiful lake is located on the picturesque expanses of Altai Krai – in Ulagansky district, 7 km from the village Aktash. This is a Geyser lake, which is called Blue and Silver. The depth of the lake is about two meters, its diameter – 25-30 meters.

This attractive bluish color is obtained through the thermal springs, which beat in the middle of the lake. This force of the geyser eruptions raises beautiful blue sludge to the surface of the bottom. Due to this sand-clay mixture rising from the bottom, several circles of gray-blue color are formed on the surface. They are not permanent and change their shape sometimes. Such round and oval stains create a unique pattern of the lake. Such lakes can be found in abundance in Yellowstone National Park in the United States. But in the Altai Mountains and, perhaps, for Altai as a whole, this lake is unique.

The lake does not freeze even at temperatures below 0 ° C. The water of Geyser Lake is crystal-blue all the year round. It is so transparent, that a fish swimming in the lake gives the impression that its upper fin cuts the surface. You can clearly see everything that is located on the bottom of the lake – fallen trees, small inhabitants like fish and stones. This is really an interesting sight, and you should not miss an opportunity to watch it. Due to the sources, the grass on the bottom is constantly in motion, and it seems that the lake is a living being, breathing and moving.