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Things to do in Khabarovsk (walking tour) (2 hours)

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Museums and Exhibitions:

  • Museum of Regional Studies named after Mr. Grodenkov was established in 1894. It has over 144,000 items presented by Nature, Fauna, Flora, History and Ethnography Departments featuring history and culture of many indigenous people of the Russian Far East. Closed on Mondays.
  • Khabarovsk Botanical Garden was founded in 1896 as a forest nursery garden and experimental laboratory for Khabarovsk Forestry. Today, the 27 acres garden is a home to almost 800 types of trees and bushes, with some, found only in the Russian Far East. Open: May-October.
  • Far Eastern Museum of Fine Arts was opened in 1931. Among 10,000 items in displays, you will see rare paintings of Aivazovsky, Kramskoy, Surikov as well as works of west European artists dated in 18th and 19th centuries. Closed on Mondays.
  • Geology museum will introduce you to a unique collection of minerals and gems collected locally.
  • Military-historical museum presents a collection of over 12 thousand items related to military past of the Russian Empire and USSR.
  • Archaeological Museum will surprise you with famous local petroglyphs of masks, animals, anthropomorphic images, birds made on basalt rocks in the late Stone Age (7-6 millennium B.C.). 

Arts and Entertainments:

  • Theater of Drama
  • Theater of Musical Comedy
  • Theater of the Youth
  • Khabarovsk regional philharmonic
  • Theater of Pantomime
  • Circus is great place to visit. Performances are offered 3 days a week, Friday through Sunday.
  • Gaidar Children's Park is the city’s most popular recreational area. Many people come here to entertain their children, or simply relax and enjoy views of Amur River.
  • Fedotov exposition hall conducts shows of modern art by professional artists.
  • Art-basement room features works of young artists. 

Engineering and Architecture:

  • Railway bridge across the Amur river is often called a “Miracle of the 20th century” (constructed in 1913-1916). The bridge was the last point in the construction of the Trans-Siberian Railway in the Far East, and once finished, became a legendary "land link" between the Asia-Pacific region and Europe.
  • Lenin Stadium is a great example of classic Soviet architecture designed to promote sport achievements. The complex was built in 1957 along Amur river with huge park and monumental sport facilities.
  • City Conference Hall is known for a giant mosaic made of local minerals and gems by a master from Khabarovsk. 


  • There is a choice of fine eateries and restaurants in Khabarovsk. Most of them are represented by Russian, Korean, Chinese and Ukrainian kitchens. Among popular meals are pelmeni (dumplings), blini (crepes), oladi (pancakes), borsch (beet soup), soup "rassolnik", and pirogi stuffed with potato, meat, or cabbage. Let us know your preference and our consultant in Khabarovsk will make a careful selection.
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Sights included in program

Far East : Khabarovsk
Khabarovsk is the fabulous capital of the Russian Far East, that deserves to be named the most beautiful city of the Far East of Russia with its rich historic and cultural heritage. Located high on the bank of the Amur River, Khabarovsk is one of the oldest cities in the Amur region and one of the largest cities in the Russian Far East with a population of 650 000. It was founded and developed according to ancient urban construction rules: locate... Read more
Archaeological Museum of the A. P. Okladnikova in Khabarovsk is absolutely unique. The museum has about 160 thousand archaeological items, more than a thousand of which have no analogues not only in Russia but in the whole world.  Read more
The far-Eastern Museum offine Arts is the biggest Russian state-owned collection of the works offine art located in the western part of Pacific region. Read more
In fact, this is not just a park. This is a children's park. And there is, probably, everything that can be of interest to children. Read more
Khabarovsk : Geology museum
The Geology museum of the city of Khabarovsk appeared in 1977, thanks to the efforts of the employees of the Geological Survey of the city. The museum is housed in an ancient building, which has more than a century of history. The basis for the creation of the museum was a rich collection of ores and minerals, fossils and various rocks. Read more
Founded in 1896 as an experimental laboratory, it expanded to a botanical garden of 12 hectares. A great place to walk among 800 species of trees, bushes and flowers from almost every continent. Read more
Khabarovsk : Khabarovsk circus
One of the youngest circus in our country is in Khabarovsk. It was opened only in 2001, but in ten years time to take in the walls of a huge number of touring circus artists from around the world. Read more
Khabarovsk regional theater of drama and comedy was opened March 16, 1946 At first it was called the Khabarovsk City Drama Theatre. The current name of the theater was in 2000. The first performance was the play K. Utevsky "Memorable Meetings". The very fact building, which houses the theater was built in 1933 as a club of the People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs. This unique building is known as the "House of the commune." Last reconst... Read more
Khabarovsk Regional Lore Museum was opened on zoom inthe initiative of the Priamursky department of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society (PDIRGS) in April, 19, 1894. Read more
One of the main attractions is the Khabarovsk Khabarovsk Regional Philharmonic Society, founded in 1938. In the early years, she worked in the building of the Khabarovsk College of the Arts. Read more
Khabarovsk : Lenin Stadium
Lenin Stadium is a multi-use stadium in Khabarovsk, Russia. It is currently used mostly for association football matches and is the home ground of FC SKA-Khabarovsk. The stadium holds 15,200 people. It is named after communist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin. Read more
The Military-historical museum of the Red Banner Far Eastern Military District is located in Khabarovsk. The museum building is located in an old building on the bank of the Amur River. Expositions of the military history museum number more than twelve thousand exhibits associated with the history of the Krasnoznamensk Far Eastern Military District from the time of its creation to our days. The museum was opened in 1904 and since then has four ma... Read more
The one track railway bridge across the Amur River in Khabarovsk City was built in 1916. The total length of the bridge was 2600.0m. The river bed part of a bridge is covered by steel through truss with 18x127.4m spans. Read more
Khabarovsk is the main cultural center of the Far East. There are a lot of historical and art museums, libraries, philharmonic societies and theaters here. Here you will be bored, just do not have to. The Theater of Musical Comedy (Khabarovsk) enjoys special popularity among the guests and residents. Read more
Theater of the Youth - a children's theater, founded in 1944. Since 2006, he is included in the Khabarovsk regional association of children's theaters in conjunction with the Regional Puppet Theatre. Read more
Triad Theater in Khabarovsk was organized in 1975 at the Palace of Trade Unions as an amateur pantomime studio under the direction of Vadim Gogolkova. She has worked in three main genres of pantomime, featuring plastic drama, mime and clowning classic. The first time the most famous and popular representations of the studio was "The Old Man and the Sea" Hemingway, "Corrida" Ya Yevtushenko and "Lefty" Nikolai Leskov. Read more
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