Khabarovsk circus

One of the youngest circus in our country is in Khabarovsk. It was opened only in 2001, but in ten years time to take in the walls of a huge number of touring circus artists from around the world.

First appeared in circuses Khabarovsk at the beginning of the XIX century. Then they were irregular and is a rare presentation of visiting artists. Especially popular with the locals enjoyed the circus troupe Bondarenko, VF Іzak and E. Pankratov, who acted in temporary premises and circuses. The first stationary circus building appeared in Khabarovsk thanks Drugs A. Martini, who built the room and began to rent it out circus figures.

In place of the circus Martini in the 20th century came the circus on Pushkin Street, but it had one major drawback - presentation could take place only during the summer. Khabarovsk circus was built on Krasnorechenskoe street as the first major circus. In his device, he is unique, combining projects ўsuryyskaga, Irkutsk and Yaroslavl circuses. The building of the circus from an architectural point of view is considered the "pearl" of Khabarovsk.