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Gaidar Children's Park

In fact, this is not just a park. This is a children's park. And there is, probably, everything that can be of interest to children.

Gaidar Children's Park, located in Khabarovsk, is one of the favorite places of the townspeople, and this park is popular with adult locals and children. Every year this place is being improved more and more, the park is constantly updated and improving, but the old atmosphere of comfort does not leave it with the years and changes.
Here come to just relax your soul or read a book, here you can see whole families with happy children, couples in love and friendly companies. In the park there are many children's attractions and entertainment for adults. You will find here slot machines, a cafeteria that draws appetizing smells, children's carousels, swings, trampolines and slides.
Gaidar Park is equipped with the entertainment center "Harlequin", where there are crooked mirrors, bowling and cafes specially for children, a variety of attractions and a toy store. The territory of the park is refined and landscaped, in the park there are many comfortable benches. For the newlyweds there is a special bench decorated with romantic attributes. In the cold season, the park field for football becomes a skating rink, there is rental of skates.