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Situated in the eastern part of Russia, Vladivostok is one of the most picturesque and attractive cities in Russia. Today it is a fabulous modern city that draws attention of travelers from all over the world by its unique nature, lovely sceneries, loose military-historical monuments and unique shade of sea romance. You can watch the sun set over the frozen Golden Horn Bay, climb the city's beautifully layered volcanic hills, and view architecture from different eras, from old wooden homes to shiny new office buildings. Vladivostok is a very special city. Founded on the junction of land and sea, Europe and Asia, it is strikingly different from most Russian cities. First of all, it is notable for unique geographical location and specific relief. It's no wonder that Vladivostok is called a solid observation platform: it is the breathtaking panoramas opening from the height of the hills that constitute the main attraction of the Primorsky Krai's capital. It sits on a spectacular setting of hills and peninsulas, bays and outlying islands, and has a thriving life combined with buzzing oriental markets and a distinctly European feel. However, Vladivostok remains a quintessential Russian city, firmly moored in its traditions and history.

Vladivostok is an extraordinary place. At the cross-roads of Europe and Asia, the city is uniquely situated to make it a major cultural hub in the region. Home to 650 thousand people of 128 different ethnic backgrounds, it is the most culturally diverse and tolerant city in Russia. The city is the final stop on the Trans-Siberian railway, and the gateway to the rest of the world. In addition to its multiculturalism, Vladivostok also exudes youthful energy, largely due to many institutions of higher learning in the city.

Amazing sight that makes Vladivostok inimitable is the port, located on the picturesque banks of the Zolotoy Rog Bay. It is the full-blown town on the water that lives its own life: having returned from the voyages, ocean vessels rest at their moorings, white-winged yachts slowly rock on the waves, cranes and winches roar. However, the port of Vladivostok is the most charming in the evening, when it is illuminated with a myriad emerald lights, switched on boats, moorages and harbor cranes. In addition, the sea offers fabulous views of the city, as if soaring out of the water: hundreds of colorful houses clinging to the slopes of the hills, the knolls silhouetted in the light morning mist - all these seem rather drawn than real.

Vladivostok's mind-boggling nature makes the city even more attractive for tourists. It is absolutely unique and can't be found in any other part of the word. Incredibly beautiful sea views, blue-and-emerald bays, mysterious mountains and ridges, protected areas where rare animals live and Red Book plants grow... And on numerous islands, scattered as if beads in the Gulf of Peter the Great, one can find nooks of virgin nature untouched by civilization. Amazing variety of natural gifts, concentrated in Vladivostok and the surrounding area, makes it a great place for recreation and health improvement, and also attracts people interested in the sea and underwater tourism.

In principle, Vladivostok differs from other Russian cities by the special mentality of local residents. Being open and friendly, they never lose their unique sense of humor and confidence in the future, and their smiles radiate an irresistible thirst for life. It is people who make this extraordinary city alive and extremely dynamic.

Vladivostok's architecture is also unique. Even though it predominantly consists of Soviet buildings, peculiarly piled up on the numerous knolls, they look surprisingly organic against the background of the unusual urban landscape. And at the downtown, true architectural masterpieces stand - ancient mansions and fabulous gothic cathedrals. Vladivostok is famous for being the city of monuments and statues: these are seen here in unbelievable numbers.

A trip to the seaside capital offers an opportunity to discover its original cuisine, which is an absolutely unique mixture of European and Asian culinary traditions. Stunning variety of seafood delicacies, unusual ingredients, various spices, original serving and incredible range of dishes' flavors make the local cuisine an important part of Vladivostok's tourist attractiveness.
Over time, the Primorye capital renovates and becomes ever more beautiful. The city stands on the threshold of a new life, where two unique cable-braced bridges - across the Zolotoy Rog Bay and to the Russky Island - lead. They were built along with other infrastructure facilities for the summit of the Asia-Pacific Region, which will be hosted by Vladivostok in autumn 2012. This important event confirms once again the international importance of the Russian port city, increasing its attractiveness to travelers at times.

And one more final wish to the travelers - coming to Vladivostok, be ready to experience delight all the time: from the fantastic views of the Zolotoy Rog Bay and the setting sun, from the heady sea breeze and the hills covered with lush verdure, from unparalleled hospitality of local people and the abundance of seafood on the table. And most importantly, let this city surprise you - for it has everything necessary for that!