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Bogolyubovo is a lesser-known destination in Golden Ring region ofRussia. This small settlement about 7 miles east of Vladimir enjoys a legend-decorated past and is the home to a UNESCO-protected church. It’s situated where the Nerl River and the Klyazma River meet, and this historically strategic and picturesque location may have been the reason for its establishment, though the religious enthusiasm of its founder may have also played a part in its history.

The name of the town originates from its founder, Prince Andrei Bogolyubsky (whose last name means God-loving), Yuri Dolgoruky’s son. Bogolyubsky built a palace here to act as a residence while he attempted to unite Russian principalities under his authority.

It’s said that Prince Bogolyubsky had a vision of the Virgin Mary, who directed him to establish Bogolyubsky. From this vision also originates the Bogolyubskaya Icon of the Theotokos, which today is not located in Bogolyubovo but in neighboring Vladimir. The famous Our Lady of Vladimir icon, now in the Tretyakov Gallery, also got its name as a result of Prince Bogolyubsky having transferred the icon to Vladimir.