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Krasny (red) avenue

Krasny avenue (formerly, Novonikolayevskiy) is the main street of the city. Its length is 7 kilometers, from the Ob embankment to the airport «Northern» (now active), but the stretch, which may be of any interest for tourists, – between the Officers House and the Pervomayskiy (1st May) public garden – is much shorter.

The fast development of Novosibirsk as the largest city in Siberia began only in the 30th of the 20 century, and in 1893 it was a small station of the recently built Trans-Siberian Railway at its intersection with Ob river.

Considering that the main development of Novosibirsk fell on the rule of Stalin, the buildings of the Krasny avenue were mainly designed in the then popular styles of constructivism and modern, with minimalist elements. So, you will hardly see there any buildings in the Stalin's Empire style with rich decor and complicated lines.

You should begin your tour of the Krasny avenue in the neighborhood of the metro station «Krasny Prospekt» near the Officers House. In the immediate vicinity, in the Gogol street, is the Ascension cathedral. Going along the Krasny avenue toward the Lenin square, you can see various buildings in the style of constructivism.

Further on the Krasny avenue is crossed by the Lenin square. On the square is a huge Lenin monument and behind it is the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre – the largest theatre building in Russia. You must visit the Pervomayskiy public garden on the opposite side of the Krasny avenue. Fountains work there in summer.

You may finish your walk along the Krasny avenue near the Museum of Art occupying the building of the Sibrevkom (Siberian revolutionary committee). Now it houses the largest Russian painters picture gallery in Siberia.