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Novosibirsk State Museum of Local History and Nature

Novosibirsk State Museum of Local History and Nature was founded in 1920 by Vladimir A. Anzimirov who wanted to bring the knowledge about the world around us to the public. The first exhibitions were devoted to astronomy and geology. In late 1920-s, the museum was the leading one in West Siberian Region. Today the museum is one of the city's major attractions. It is visited by more than 150 thousand people every year. The collection numbers over 200 thousand items and encompasses archaeology, history and nature of the region. The building that now houses the museum was designed by the dedicated architect Andrey D. Kryachkov in 1910 and located in the heart of the city

This museum's exhibits chart the development of Novosibirsk and the surrounding area through local archaeological artifacts and more recent historical documents. It is one of leading museums of Novosibirsk that introduces public to local lore, history and economy. It was found in 1920 as the Central Peoples Museum of Novonikolaevs and firstly represented that year astronomic and geologic exhibitions. Now Novosibirsk State Local History Museum occupies an area of 3219 m2 and consists of three departments: “history”, “nature” and department “S.M. Kirov in Siberia”. First, the nature department is a kids- and family-friendly exhibition. It includes a great geological collection presenting rare examples of precious stones and paleontological collection with its items from the age of dinosaur. In a history department you can find out about life and activities of ancient people who had lived in Siberia from Paleolithic to the Middle Ages, everything about opening Siberia and Siberian history till the end of the Great Patriotic War. The department “S.M. Kirov in Siberia” presents us the life and culture of Siberian bourgeois at the dawn of the twentieth century. 

The holdings of Novosibirsk State Local History Museum counts 218 000 units including unique such as full mammoth skeleton, household items and sacred objects which have been found out during expeditions  in 1920-1930s.