Nuneangan Island

Nuneangan is a small rocky island in the shallows when exiting the Senyavin Channel 5 km east of theYttygran Island, near the southeastern tip of the Chukchi Peninsula.

Administratively belongs to Providensky District of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug.

The highest point is 117 m, where there is a navigation lighthouse on the rock.

In the coastal water area there are fodder fields of gray and bowhead whales. There is a big bird market on the island, there are 8 species of sea birds totaling more than 40 thousand individuals, including guillemots, cattle, cormorants.

In 2003, the supernumerary work of the latter was detected on the RTGs installed at the lighthouse. The external radiation of the device exceeded the established limits by a factor of 5 because of a lack of design. By 2012, the defective RTG was removed for recycling.