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Strelka Park

Yaroslavl is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Russia, the brightest pearl of the Golden Ring. Every year thousands of tourists roam the streets, admiring the sights, the main part of which are churches. But the city is ready to offer its guests something special - a place where you can not only enjoy beautiful views, but also relax. This "Arrow" - a wonderful park, quickly won the hearts of local residents and those who decided to get acquainted with Yaroslavl. The park received its name from Cape Strelka, on which it is located. This is a landmark place, because it is here that the Kotorosl River flows into the Volga. It is interesting that the park consists of two floors: it is the upper parterre, located in the Rublen city and occupying a significant part of the Chelyuskintsev area, and is located directly on the sand spit the lower one.

The history of the lower parterre of the park begins in the distant 1970s. The view of it in those days was not very similar to the modern one, for example, it housed the TU-104A aircraft, but in 1988 it was dismantled. However, truly fundamental changes affected the Strelka Park in 2010, when Yaroslavl was preparing to celebrate its millennium.
It should be noted immediately that the park, occupying a sandy scythe, very little like the usual rest places with shady paths and secluded corners under the branches of trees. "Arrow" - a wide track, dividing the magnificent lawns and flower beds. That is why young moms are very fond of walking with children here - the children are frolicking in the open air, while parents can relax on the benches. There are few trees here, and yet they are still far from those giants in which they can transform into a few decades. Speaking about flowerbeds, we can not fail to mention the most remarkable of them, exactly repeating the coat of arms of Yaroslavl. A proud bear greets all guests of the park, as if inviting them to walk in his possessions and recalling in what glorious city they are.
Another pride of "Strelka" is a monument to the 1000th anniversary of Yaroslavl. This monument was erected in 2010 specifically for the anniversary of the great city. It is established in the most important place for Yaroslavl - it is here according to legend Prince Yaroslav the Wise once founded it, breathed life into it. The monument is a stele steadily rushing to the sky, the height of which exceeds 20 meters. Crowned her bronze double-headed eagle, which proudly and impressively shines in the sun against the background of white clouds. On the pedestal, the creators of the monument were placed figures of people, without which Yaroslavl simply could not exist. First and foremost, this is, of course, Yaroslav the Wise - the father of the city, to whom he owes his appearance to the world. Together with him here Yaroslavna with a baby in her arms, as well as such important characters as a citizen (chronicler), warrior and Orthodox priest. Another attraction of the park is the fountains. They differ in that they do not just throw up streams of water, but also dance and shine to the music. In the evenings, great shows are held here, which everyone is obliged to see.