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Transfiguration Cathedral

Green-and-gold onion domes of beautiful cathedral of the Transfiguration of Our Savior inside St. Euphimius monastery in Suzdal. The massive five-domed church was erected by Russian craftsmen in 1582-1594 according the best traditions of ancient white stone architecture.

The Transfiguration Cathedral is the main temple of the Spaso-Efimian Monastery, built in the tradition of the ancient white-stone architecture of Suzdal. This is a true pearl and decoration of the ancient city.

The temple is very strict and laconic lines. The five-domed cathedral is complemented by two chapels: St. Euthymius, the first abbot of the monastery, and St. Sergius of Radonezh. Evfimievsky chapel - the oldest part of the cathedral (1507-1511), which is a small church on the grave of the hegumen Euphemia. The main building of the temple was added to it in 1594. Outside, the cathedral is decorated with a columnar belt, characteristic of that time, and relief images of stone. Frescoes of the 16th century are preserved on the facades.
Inside the cathedral is decorated with paintings by Kostroma masters Guriy Nikitin and Sila Savin (late 17th century). The frescoes depict scenes of the consecration of the territory for the construction of the monastery, among the characters - the customer of the church, Prince Boris Konstantinovich, Bishop John of Suzdal and St. Euthymius. In the distance, on the horizon, the panorama of Suzdal. On the other fresco there are mason masons who lay brick walls, and among them in the dark mantle of Euphemia. On the eastern pillars there are unique images of kings from the Romanov dynasty - Mikhail Fedorovich, Alexei Mikhailovich and his children - decorated with nimbuses in the Byzantine tradition.