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Tsenkher Hot Springs

Hot springs of Tsengher are known for their medicinal properties not only in Mongolia. From many countries come to treat rheumatism, neuralgia, diseases of the circulatory system and many other chronic diseases. 50 kilometers from Tsetserlag, you can enjoy the comfortable tourist camp Tsenkher Jiguur, from which only a couple of steps to the source.

Local residents have great respect for these sources for their medicinal properties. In the source, the water temperature does not fall below 80 degrees, and you need to go to the baths very carefully - at first it may seem that this is completely impossible.
In the nearby tourist base there are comfortable rooms with all amenities, several massage and spa facilities, outdoor pools and cozy verandas. This is a great place to relax in the bosom of nature and improve your health. By the way, the stars here are absolutely incredible and you can admire them all night without getting out of the hot spring.
After you get warmed up in hot springs, you can take part in the evening shows. Concerts and games are organized for the guests, huge bonfires are lit, ancient legends are told and old folk songs are sung. In the spring of the White Month holiday, a special event is organized for tourists - snow hunting for wolves.