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The city of Perm is one of the largest economic and cultural centers of Russia. It combines provincial quiet of the Russian countryside, its historic and cultural heritage, and modern science and infrastructure. The city is located at the bottom of the Ural Mountains, which divide Europe and Asia, on the two banks of the Kama, the largest inflow of the Volga.

Perm is famous for its Opera and Ballet Theatre, its Art Gallery with a unique collection of wood sculpture, ancient icons and paintings. Perm's architecture gives a complete picture of the styles, which were present in the Russian architecture from the XVIII to the XX century.

Perm is the largest city in the Prikamye area, the center of the Perm Region. A city of almost one million people, Perm is situated on the eastern bank of the river Kama, 1,200 kilometers east of Moscow. The Kama is the fourth longest river in Europe. It is 1,805 km in length.

The city of Perm was founded in 1723 by Vasily Tatishchev, a prominent Russian statesman who was appointed by Tsar Peter the Great, to serve as chief manager of the Ural factories.

The city has been home to many famous people such as inventor Nikolay Slavyanov, who in 1888 introduced arc welding with consumable metal electrodes; physicist Alexander Popov, who was first to demonstrate the practical application of electromagnetic radio waves; and Sergey Diaghilev, art critic and patron, ballet impresario, and founder of the Ballet in Paris, just to name a few.

Often described as an industrial center, Perm is much more than that. A city of great diversity, Perm offers something for everyone—whether one is an outdoor enthusiast or a seeker of more cultural pursuits.

Perm is a city with a rich past and a promising future, a place endeavoring to reinvent itself as a vibrant and liveable city. Architecturally speaking, Perm is a patchwork of concrete housing blocks and generic shopping malls with the odd candy-coloured, 19th-century building thrown in for visual relief.

Perm’s huge world-renowned cultural festival ‘White Nights’ takes place every summer in the city center. It last for a whole month and always draws a huge number of visitors! A festival village is especially constructed to host all events. Something interesting and exciting happens every day, whether it be musical concerts, outdoor theatre productions, or flash-mobs, amongst other amazing sights!

There are over 10 theatres in Perm. A huge range of performances is available for your degustation: plays, musicals, shows, ballets. The Tchaikovsky Opera and Ballet house is famous throughout the world. It is known as the “Third Mecca of Ballet” in Russia, behind only Moscow and Saint Petersburg. 

The best way to get a feel for Perm is by walking down its two main roads, Lenin Street and Komsomolsky Prospekt. Along the way you’ll pass a number of different Constructivist and 19th-century buildings including the Perm Academic Theatre. For the best architecture, head to Old Perm, which is roughly located between Sibirskaya Street and October Street next to the opera house.

Perm has its own museum of modern art, where the artistic heart of the city beats every day. New exhibitions appear regularly, and master-classes are often given here by international artists!

Perm is one of Russia’s greenest cities. Over half of its area is covered in grass and trees! Perm is located on the magnificent Kama River, and its wonderful riverside walkway on the south bank is a must-visit!

Perm is an important river port. Passenger motor- vessels, cargo boats and barges come to Perm from five seas. The Kama River embankment near the river - boat station is one of the most picturesque spots. The city is surrounded by beautiful pine forests.

Perm is the starting point of many tourist routes, from boat trips along the Kama to hikes into the Ural Mountains! A huge variety of adventures can start here!