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Dachniye hot springs

The Dachniye hot springs are located in the north part of a great intermountain cuphole which borders on the Mutnovsky volcano in the south, the Dvugorbaya and the Skalistaya hills in the west and north, and the Zhyrovsky volcano in the east.

Earlier there were several groups of springs in the gullies and shallows at the bottom of the Skalistaya (Rocky) hill. There were many major and small vapour and water streams of different temperature.

The detailed observation of the springs adjoined area led to the conclusion about the major underground hydrothermal basin and made scientists start the prospecting. The prospect confirmed the underground heat enough for hydrothermal power plant. That’s why the Mutnovskayageothermal power plant was built.

Only one group of the springs remained - the most powerful and interesting west group. It is located in deep and steep gully. There are several warm grounds at the left slope with vapour streams and pools. There is a major pool at the bottom with the strongest vapour streams. A powerful steam-water fountain rises in the brook. The hot brook bed is dammed, and the bath water body is formed there.