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Gertner Bay

Gertner Bay - a bay in the Tauisk Bay of the Sea of Okhotsk (Magadan Region). It extends in the meridional direction to the eastern part of the Staritsky Peninsula. Includes a small bay Merry with the island Widow. Also in the bay of Gertner are the islands of Kekurny and Three Brothers.

Gertner Bay - it is more for relaxation, for mood, for the soul, it is very beautiful!

The extreme southern cape is Krasny, in the north there is the nameless ledge of the coast with the clamps that are impenetrable in the tide. In the bay flows the Magadanka and Dukcha rivers. The banks of the bay are low, with narrow sand and pebble beaches. Only to the south of the mouth of Magadanka, the coast of the bay is bordered by a high coastal cliff, but everywhere there is a narrow sand and pebble strip between it and the water.