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Vachkazhets massif

Vachkazhets massif is located in 80 km to the west of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and includes west slopes of the stretched massif which is included into the system of the Uzhno-Bystrinsky massif.

Earlier the Vachkazhets was a single volcano, but after a great eruption it exploded, and it caused the separation into three main parts: the Letnyaya Poperechnaya mountain (1417 m), the Vachkazhtsymountain (1500 m) and the Vachkazhets mountain (1556).

The Vachkazhets massif is declared the national monument and includes picturesque landscapes, geological complex of sediments with rare minerals and ancient fauna remnants extremely rare in these sediments.Steep rock slopes of the massif descend to the ridges of the Nachikinsky lake shore. There are different minerals (quartz, opal, etc.) in the rock outcrops, and different forms of ice age relief.