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Susuman is a city in Russia, the administrative center of the Susuman district and the corresponding city district of the Magadan region of Russia. The city of district importance, until 2015, formed a city settlement of the city of Susuman. Located on the banks of the river Berelyok (Kolyma basin). The name of the city comes from the name of the river Susuman.

In 1938, with the center in the Susuman settlement, the Dalstroi West Mining Administration was organized, which included three mines at the time: Maldiak, Udarnik and Stakhanovets. From this time Susuman became the center of the mining industry in the western region of the Magadan Region. From 1937 to 1999, 1052 tons of gold were extracted in Susuman.

The climate is severe, the average annual air temperature is negative. On average, in the vicinity of Susuman, it is -15.5 ° C. The day-to-day transition through 0 ° C in the direction of lowering occurs at the end of the second, beginning of the third decade of September. Usually the coldest month is January. The coldest period of winter is the end of December - the middle of January. At this time, in addition to the general radiative cooling, stagnation of cold air masses occurs. These factors complement the high latitude position and elevation of Susuman relative to the sea level of 650 m. As a result, local regions of extremely low air temperature are formed here, which can reach -63 ° C [15], and sometimes up to -67 ° C