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«Atlasov's Estate» ethnographic complex

Owner and founder of the estate is Vasily and Valentina Atlasov's family.
They were one of the first locals of the republic who have decided to show to guests of Yakutia culture of peoples of the North, to tell their history, to open sacral world and folklore of people of Sakha. In the territory of the estate are built constructions in national Yakut style. You can taste Yakut dishes and to take a part in a master class on their preparation.

Today, Atlasov's Manor is not just a restaurant of national cuisine, but a whole complex with a unique national flavor, with buildings and buildings, sculptures made of natural materials. Here you can not only conduct business negotiations, but also relax from the city's bustle, have fun and usefully spend time, join the national traditions, pass the rite of blessing algys, taste delicious dishes of Yakut cuisine and become a little closer to nature, its pristine beauty.
On the territory of the Atlasov Estate, the real "Eco Park" appeared on the master's plan, where you can see unique sculptures created with the use of natural materials: wood, marsh hills, reeds and sand. Famous masters, artists and sculptors made large sculptures of a mammoth, a dinosaur, a cold bull and other animals.