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Verblyud (Camel) mountain

This small rocky massif with two sharp tops is located on the height between the Avachinsky and the Koryaksky volcanoes in 28 km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

The Camel mountain is one of the volcanic extrusions which surround the Avachinsky and the Koryaksky volcanoes. Its absolute height is 1200 m, relative height is 200 m. The foot size is 500 m2. Both tops of the mountain are rocky, the foot is covered by rock fragments, the talus is covered by the subalpine vegetation. The Koryaksky volcano ancient lava mass is the foundation of the mountain. It is supposed that the massif was formed in the result of the Koryaksky volcano extrusive activity. According to another opinion, the mountain was formed in the result of the Avachinsky eruption.

The Camel mountain was formed 5-15 thousand years ago, and it is the natural monument.