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Altai State Museum of Local Lore (Barnaul)

The Altai State Museum of Local Lore is one of the oldest museums in Siberia. It was founded in 1823 to the 100th anniversary of mining production in the Altai on the initiative of the head of the Kolyvan-Voskresensky District and the Tomsk Civil Governor P.K. Frolova (1775-1839) with the direct participation of the physician and researcher Altai FV. Gebler (1782-1850). It was they who initiated the formation of the museum's historical, technical and natural-scientific collection.

In the first museum exposition there were models of mining machines and mechanisms, archaeological, ethnographic, zoological collections, mineralogical cabinet.

In 1907, archaeological, ethnographic and a large part of the model collection were transferred to the Imperial Tomsk University and the Tomsk Institute of Technology. An important role in this period of the museum's life was played by the Altai sub-department of the Russian Geographical Society. In the years 1911-1913. the surviving collections and library of the Mining Museum were combined with collections collected by members of the Altai RGO sub-department.

The modern stock collection, numbering about 200 thousand units of storage, reflects the history of the region, its natural wealth from ancient times to the present. The basis of the museum fund is made up of collections on the history of mining of the XVIII - XIX centuries, including rarities of the Russian level: a model of the steam-atmospheric machine II. Polzunova, the model of the Zmeinogorsk mine - "Serpentine Mountain", a model of the stamping machine of the Suzun Mint with a set of coins, made for the museum at the request of PK Frolov in 1825-27; mineralogical collection; books from the libraries of Kolyvan-Resurrection factories with the autographs of the largest European researchers, cartographic material. The real adornment of the museum collection are books from the libraries of the Kolyvan-Voskresensky plants of the 18th - 19th centuries: "The Acting Herbalist and the Medical Center" (1720), "The Medical Manual" (1760), the works of Altai researchers P.S.Pallas, G.M. Renovantsa, K.F. Ledebour, F.V. Gebler.