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Mineral spring Arzhan-Suu

Arzhan-Suu Spring (which means “mineral water” in Altai language) is a national nature monument. The water is saturated in silver, copper and other mineral impurities, hence its beneficial effect on the metabolic process of the body. The water from the spring contains a higher quantity of iron than in Esentuky and Borzhomi springs. In the area around the spring the climate is rather mild. The average temperature in January is -13°C, in July +18°С. Mountain dry wind often blows. It average speed reaches 4-5m/s in winter, and 1-2 m/s in summer. The yearly precipitations are 500mm.

The Arzhan-Suu spring is 7 km from Manzherok, at the 477th km of Chui Tract. The water of the spring is saturated with silver, copper and other minerals, which is beneficial for the human body metabolism and for the storage time of the water itself. It also contains a large amount of ferrous iron, much more than in the bottled mineral water you can buy in a supermarket! Altaian people consider Arzhan-Suu a sacred spring. For a tasty lunch you can go to a cafe close to the spring, it is built of stone and looks like an old castle and it is also called 'Arzhan-Suu'. Another interesting thing that you can see here in abundance is so-called 'shaman trees', decorated with white ribbons from top to bottom. Arzhan-Suu is a popular tourist spot. Along the road you can find lots of sellers offering various Altai souvenirs - items made of wood, bark and stone, as well as the books and CDs about Altai.