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A small and cozy city Bijsk is located in the south-eastern part of the Altai Territory near the beautiful place where Biya merges with Katun. It is divided into two parts - right-bank and left-bank, which are connected with each other by an old and in many ways unique bridge, which there is not much left in the country. Bijsk is the beginning of the famous Chui tract, which runs through the whole Altai to the border with Mongolia.

History: the city of Bijsk of the Altai Territory is one of 6 cities in Russia and the only one beyond the Urals, founded by the personal decree of the Emperor Peter the Great as an outpost, which was of great military and strategic importance. This happened in 1709. In the late XIX - early XX centuries. Bijsk is becoming a major trading and merchant center of the south of Siberia, trading with England, France, Germany.
By the decision of the Government of November 21, 2005, the town of Bijsk was given the status of the science city of the Russian Federation.
Bijsk is a member of the Union of Historical Cities of the Russian Federation. There are 272 monuments of architecture, history and culture, about 50 monuments of archeology, 11 monuments of nature. On its territory in the III millennium BC there was a northern branch of the Great Silk Road. Here in the beginning of XX century. the Paleolithic site of the ancient man was discovered.
From Bijsk, the legendary Chuysky Trakt starts. With the official appropriation to him in 1922 of the status of a state road, almost all of Russia's and Mongolia's export-import links are being made through this city. Bijsk is the gate of the Mountainous Altai, from which all mountain hiking trails start. Through Bijsk annually passes more than 2 million tourists. From here there are roads to the world famous Teletskoye Lake, Belukha Mountain, Cheml and Belokurikha Resorts, Ukok Plateau.
Population: 213559 people.
Geographical location: Bijsk is located in the south-eastern part of the Altai Territory on the Biya River, near its confluence with the Katun River. The city is located on the southwestern slope of the Bijsk-Chumysh Upland. Part of the city is located on the left low bank, adjoining pine forests. The distance to the city of Barnaul is 163 km.
Climate: the climate of Bijsk is sharply continental, characterized by severe winters with a stable snow cover, short warm summers, short dry spring with a late return of cold weather, short autumn with early frosts.
Economic features: Bijsk is the second largest industrial center in the Altai Territory