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Korbu Waterfall

Korbu is the largest waterfall in the waters of Lake Teletskoye and the most famous tourist attraction of the lake. Except the waterfall Korbu, the top three most visited places during the excursions on the lake are the waterfall Kishte and Stone Bay.

Korbu is a beautiful and impressive waterfall on the River Big Korbu. The river originates in Korbu. The river forms small waterfalls for all its small way 7.6 km and then falls down from a height of 12.5 meters, crashing on stones and forming spectacular water fan. Particularly impressive waterfall is at high water in the spring and after rains. Spray drifted even to the observation deck. Waterfall Korbu admires at low water, in autumn. Steep overgrown with mixed forest shore is to the right of the waterfall, high raised cliffs are to the left of Korbu which is seemed so small compared with it. Some trees and bushes miraculously catch on cliffs and grow decorating falls in May. Winter waterfall Korbu is a fascinating spectacle, as it is completely frozen forming a scenic stiffen ice wall. White-blue ice block together with frozen river stretching for several kilometers forms incredible sight.

Korbu Waterfall is opened for tourist part of the Altay State Natural Reserve. The waterfall is a natural monument of national importance since 1978. Wood flooring eco-trail laid along the river to the waterfall to protect valuable species of plants from trampling.

Waterfall Corbu is located on the eastern shore of Teletskoe Lake in 30 kilometers from Artybash Village. Road takes 45-50 minutes by boat. The average duration of this trip is about 3-4 hours. You can also include visiting stone bay, Kishte Waterfall and Chedor waterfall located on the opposite bank.