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Lake Uzunkol (Live)

Lake Uzun-Kol (also called Uzunkol, Uzun-Kel, which in translation from Altai is a long lake) is located in the upper reaches of the right tributary of the Cibitki River at an altitude of 2000 m above sea level to the left of the Aktash-Ulagan route after the Red Gate and Dead Lake Cheybek-Kol), not reaching the Ulagan Pass.In total, there are 20 lakes in the area of ​​the Cibitki River basin for 100 square kilometers. It is the largest reservoir in the basin of this river. At 3 km northeast of Lake Uzun-Kol there is a chain of moraine-dam lakes of the upper reaches of the Saryachek River, south-west of Lake Saurulukol depression and to the south lies Lake Cheybek-Kol.Lake Uzun-Kohl, being typologically oligotrophic, occupies a basin formed along the line of the Cheybekkol tectonic fault at the boundary of the Kuray and Aigulak ranges. During the glaciation, the hollow was occupied by a glacier.

Lake Uzun-Kel (Uzunkol, Uzun-Kel) - one of the high-mountain lakes of Gorny Altai, is located at an altitude of 2000 m above sea level. Lake Uzun-Kel has a very elongated form from north to south, which is reflected in its name, which is translated from Altai as "a long lake". The length of the reservoir is about 3150 meters, the greatest width is 630 meters. Replenishment of water occurs due to several sources: meltwater, sediments, and groundwater. The greater part of Lake Uzun-Kel In the Altai Republic has depths of over 10 meters, maximum depths of up to 25-28 meters. From it the river Kayachek originates.
The lake basin appeared as a result of a tectonic fault, and then was exposed to the action of a glacier. The water in Uzun-Kel Lake is fresh, soft, odorless and tasteless, dark blue. It is very transparent, the bottom can be seen even at a depth of seven meters. There is a fish in the pond.
Uzun-Kol has the status of a monument of nature of regional importance and has a kilometer of rest zone.
Ecological tourism is actively developing in its environs, many come here for fishing. On the shore of Uzun-Kol there is a small hostel with a cafe and a hotel.