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Museum "Mountain Pharmacy"

In Barnaul there is the only pharmacy museum beyond the Urals, the "Mountain pharmacy" - a unique monument of history and architecture of the 18th century, the first brick building of Barnaul, which appeared in the Altai mountainous district even in the days of the mining factories Akinfiya Demidova. "Mountain pharmacy" was the first pharmacy in the Altai and one of the first in Siberia.

In the 18-19th centuries life was boiling: through the pharmacy there was supply of medicines, tools, books for doctors to the district hospitals, medicines from local herbs were prepared here. At the end of the 18th century a new one was built to replace the old dilapidated building of the pharmacy. The project of a one-story building was designed by the architect AI Molchanov. The facade of the building is designed in a classic manner. In the "Mountain pharmacy" was combined living and pharmacy: in the residential part was the pharmacist's apartment, and in the pharmacy there was a trading room, a warehouse, a laboratory, a room for textbooks and a cellar. At different times here lived and worked outstanding travelers and explorers: Peter Simon Pallas, Friedrich Gebler, Karl Ledebour, Eric Laxmann.

Most recently, in 2012, to the 75th anniversary of the Altai Territory, the research and production firm Altay Bouquet carried out the restoration of this monument of architecture. Now here is located the Regional Tourist Center "Mountain Pharmacy", which operates the Museum of the History of Pharmacy in the Altai and the exhibition hall of products of enterprises belonging to the Altai Biopharmaceutical Cluster.

Today in the "Mountain Pharmacy" guests can visit fascinating excursions, take a look at the pharmacy shop of the middle of the XIX century and the pharmacist's laboratory, where in the 18-19th cc. Many medicinal drugs were prepared, and then sold to the population. At the last restoration of the building, secret cellars were found, in which there were many interesting exhibits that visitors can now see in the museum part: unopened bottles of medicines, the contents of which are still not known in the pharmacy, utensils of the 19th and 20th centuries, recipes from doctors, the balance of pharmacy.