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National Museum of A.V. Anokhin (Gorno-Altaisk)

This well-put-together museum offers a good introduction to Altai culture with a range of ethnographic exhibits, wildlife displays and local art and artefacts, including a room dedicated to the Altai landscape painter Grigory Choros-Gurkin. It also houses a stuffed collection of the local wildlife including a snow leopard and an interesting display on prehistoric life in the region (complete with mannequins living in the most sterile looking cave you've ever seen).

The National Museum of A.V. Anokhin is the oldest institution of the Republic of Altai. His story begins October 29, 1918, with the acquisition of the County Council Karakorum Altai fossil, mineral collections, research library and archive at the Siberian scientists Gulyaev. One of his first organizers and directors was a researcher of traditional culture of the peoples of Southern Siberia A.V.Anohin (1869-1931gg.), Whose name in 1989 is a museum.

The number of items of fixed assets is more than 60 thousand units. This unique collection of paleontology, ethnology, works of fine and decorative arts, ancient manuscripts and XVII - XX centuries., Documents and photographs on the history of Altai XIX - XX centuries., Specimens of flora and fauna, mineral collection.

The exposition covers natural, historical, archaeological and ethnographic aspects of the development of the region. Chronological framework - from a few hundred million years ago to the present.