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Oroktoyskiy (Oroktoy) bridge

50 km from Chemal there is the narrowest and deepest place of Katun with suspended road bridge. The bridge overlooks the rapids Teldykpen, popular with water tourists.

Oroktoi River is a small stream originated in the foothills of Belukha Mountain. Level of water sometimes drops to extremely low point, its pure beauty water softly murmurs through alpine meadows and taiga. Crystal water, rolled in alpine flowers, on a background of the majestic mountain ranges and harsh taiga, covered with mosses and lichens, creates surprisingly calming impression, ideal for relaxing and enjoying harmony with the world. Oroktoi River is known primarily as a place of overnight staying of hiking trails leading to the different points of the northern part of Katun Ridge. On the right side of the valley trail is paved by ancient Scythian of age more than 2000 years.

Oroktoiskyi Bridge was built on 77 km of Chemalsky tract instead of ferry operated here for a long time. The Bridge opens view on famous Teldekpensky rapid, the most powerful in the Middle Katun River.

Oroktoi Bridge is located between the villages of Orokta and Edigan in the Akkaya tract, above the narrowest and deepest point of the Katun River. The bridge is a local landmark and is included in many excursion routes. Earlier in this place there was a wooden bridge, but in the 90s it was demolished by high water. In 1997, a huge steel bridge was built. The length is 98 m, width is 3 m. From the bridge there are stunning views of Katun's rapids. At this point the channel is literally cut through a stone plateau. Burling streams of the river create powerful funnels of turquoise mountain water.