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Patmos Island

In a very picturesque place, on Patmos Island of Katun river, nearby Chemal village there is a temple. The island itself was consecrated by bishop Parphentsiy in 1855. Now it is a home to a convent. The place is extremely popular among the tourists and travelers.

The way to the island is a narrow suspension bridge, just 10-15 meters above the roaring Katun and such a crossing gives a real thrill. The thrill gets even greater when you notice a caution board saying that not more than 8 people may cross the bridge simultaneously.

Name Patmos was in honor of the eponymous Greek island, where holy Apostle Yoan the Theologian once prayed. First temple of St. John the Evangelist, was built in Chemal in 1849, and it was built not on the island but nearby. Old St. John the Theologian temple was moved to the island of Patmos in 1915. Bishop Innokkentyi Byisknt Biysk consecrated it on August 9, 1915. The temple was destroyed in 1920, and only 80 years later, in 2000, it was rebuilt and consecrated by bishop of Barnaul and Altay Anthony in the name of St. John the Theologian and submitted to Barnaul convent. Today the island of Patmos is the female hermitage of St. John the Theologian Barnaul Znamensky monastery.

Currently, St. John the Evangelist church on the island of Patmos is women's hermitage, where services are held. At the same time it is opened to visit for all comers. Suspension bridge is over the Katun. There is a church store on the left side before descending. From the bridge image of the Mother carved in the rock by Barnaul Znamensky monastery sculptor Felofeey is visible. To the left of trail you can see the icon of biblical story of worship magus to Christ Child in Bethlehem cave made in rock.