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Waterfall Kurkure

Kurkure is a small river, a tributary of the Chulyshman. It flows in a narrow gorge, forming numerous waterfalls. The last one is 30 meter in height Kurkure located in a few kilometers upstream from Katu-Yaryk Pass on the right bank of Chulyshman River.

Kurkure is translated as “furious” and it is correspond to nature of the waterfall. Height of Kurkure is about 30 meters. Firstly it is needed to cross Chulyshman by boat at the camp site. Road to the waterfall takes 2-3 hours each way as usual. If the crossing is not possible, cause of weather conditions, so you can go over Chulyshman bridge, located in 5 kilometers downstream Chulyshman pass. In this case, the walk to the waterfall takes a whole day.

The trail to the waterfall is very comfortable and smooth, has no steep descents and ascents, precipices, even a child can overcome it.

Locals do not conduct industrial and agricultural activity in the valley of waterfall, as this place is considered as sacred. Here is a special microclimate. Rapid rises from narrow rocky gorge and divides into a plurality of spray, forming cool and humid surroundings with a lot of vegetation. The sun's rays falling on the waterfall forming a rainbow. This is considered a good sign.

There is small observation deck near rapid and you can come closer. But do not forget that being under a waterfall, can be dangerous.

Athletes are very fond of Kurkure Waterfall. They chose it to jump down on a canoe, raft or kayak.