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Church of Ascension (Voznesenskaya Church)

This temple, built in honor of the Lord's Ascension, is one of the oldest Orthodox churches in Yekaterinburg. The temple was founded in May 1770 and was consecrated on September 19th of the same year.

Originally the church was a small wooden structure. By 1789, however, the church building had fallen into disrepair, and, at the request of the parishioners, it was decided to build a two-story stone church. The ground floor was dedicated to the Virgin Mary and the top floor to the Lord's Ascension. Throughout the 19th century, the temple was repeatedly reinforced and expanded. In 1834, the clergy and parishioners decided to attach two chapels on the southern side and two chapels on the northern side of the temple and to add a new porch. In 1926 the church was closed. It subsequently served as a school and later as a museum. On February 15, 1991, during the Feast of the Purification, the liturgy was once again served.