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Ganina Yama

Ganina Yama is a relatively new monument constructed out of wood and the story of its erection is full of tragic accounts. It is visited by orthodox people from all over the country to pay homage to the late Romanovs – the emperor dynasty of Russia. Found at the location where the given temple complex was built were the remains of the royal family. It is the also where their bodies were buried after they were shot to death.

Ganina Yama is not only a destination for Christians, but also for anyone familiar with Russian history who is interested in finding out more about the mystery of the murder of the czar’s family. Throughout that tour at Ganina Yama, you will get a briefing on the partially restored events of the horrific night of July 17th, 1917. Preserved there are several personal items of the Romanovs that they brought with them to Yekaterinburg. You will also see photographs of them that were taken not long before their deaths. The internal decor of the church coincides with the modest spirit of earlier times. All that penetrates into the construction is daylight or the light of candles. There you can not only have a look at contemporary icons, but also old icons manufactured by Ural craftsmen. For those who are starving or freezing on the way, there is a cafe open on Ganina Yama where can have yourself some pancakes, pies, or curd patties. Also, visitors are offered various souvenirs to help them look back on their visit.