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Koptelovo village

Koptelovo is an old village, founded in the XVII century.

Here you will plunge into the atmosphere of country life, will learn a lot of new and interesting things about the life in the Urals village in past centuries, will learn about folk crafts and trades.
You will see a “Museum of the agricultural history and the everyday life of the peasants” in the village Koptelovo. The exposition preserve the memory of the people, who created and developed the village. Four halls are in the main building of the museum.
In the pavilion of folk crafts you will get acquainted with three exhibitions. The first – is an exhibition of pipefitting machinery and wood products “The history of Metrology in Russia”. It tells about the history of measuring of length, volume and mass. The second is a Collection of a kitchen tools and equipment for the industrial processing of agricultural products. The third is the interior of rural smithy.
Baba Katya’s izba is a house on the river bank, chopped one ax, without a single nail, with a ceiling of whole logs, clay oven and a birch bark roof. Eighteen people lived here at thirty square meters.