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Monument of Vladimir Lenin

  • Monument to Lenin is located in the city of Yekaterinburg in the Square 1905, near the city hall goroda.On was completed in 1957, designed by the sculptor and architect A. V.I.Ingala And Pribulsky and P.D.Demintsev. Monument refers to the symbols of the Soviet era. 

    The monument is made in the form of sculptures leader who speaks to the people and set on stone granіtnym dark gray tsveta.V while creating monuments to perpetuate the memory of the great leader who has made a great contribution to the life of the people. Interestingly, that in the beginning of XX century there was a sculpture of a naked man, who was called by the people "Vanka Naked", which according to them was a symbol of emancipated labor.

The main square of Yekaterinburg city, which is called “Ploschad’ 1905 Goda“, had a lot of monuments during its lifitime. Before the revolution, there was the Cathedral on the square, and a monument to Alexander II was established in front of the Cathedral in 1906. In 1918its place was given to the Statue of LibertyThen, in 1920, the bust of Karl Marx was installed instead on the same pedestal. A few months later, the Monument to the Liberation of Labor was erected instead of the bustIn 1930, the Cathedraland the monument were blown up. A huge tribune was installed in the center of the squareFinally a monument to Vladimir Lenin was erected on the podium on November 5, 1957. The monument was designed by the sculptor Ingal. 

In 2013, the local Ministry of Culture decided to renovate the monumentwhich is an object of cultural heritage.