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Square of the Soviet Army

The Square of Soviet Army is one of the deeply distressing sights in Ekaterinburg, because despite its central location and newly reconstructed joyful fountains, it embodies the atmosphere of the Communist epoch in the gloomy heavy stone Palace of Officers.

One can witness the devastating and mournful results of this totalitarian regime paying a homage to unceasing victims of the first War in Afghanistan and then the War in Chechnya commemorated with two monuments. The first, called "Black Tulip", was installed in 1996 and displays a gigantic figure of a soldier, sitting on the ground with his face down and almost lifeless. His soul is exhausted, hands drooped down powerless - seeing this strong man helpless in front of death and horrors is deeply striking. Just recently (September 2003) there was opened a similar monument that harmoniously keeps on the sculptural conception and the tragic memory.