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Vainera street

Experience the atmosphere of the city by talking a walk along Vaynera Street, Yekaterinburg. The pedestrian street in the center of the city is a favorite walking area for the locals and a go-to spot for visitors. The length of the street is adorned with numerous fountains and sculptures, including one of Michael Jackson. There are plenty of spots to have a drink, a snack, or a full meal, and the street offers some good shopping opportunities.

The Vaynera Street was named in honor of Leonid Vayner, the Ural Bolshevik, who died during the Civil War. There was a printing house in one of the buildings in this street, where he worked. Until 1917 the street was called Uspenskaya, since there was a Holy Assumption Church there. The street was called Torgovaya (trading street) in the early XIX century, when street-stands of local merchants appeared there, which eventually turned into shops. The building of the Russian-Asian bank - the largest financial institution in the region – was also located here.

A Museum of Fine Arts appeared in Vaynera Street in Soviet times, and the post-Soviet era enriched it with a series of bronze sculptures, such as a monument to Yefim Artamonov, a farmer who lived in the XIX century and who, as legend says, invented a bicycle. Among other curious sculptures you can see the composition "Lovers", the sculpture "A Banker and Chauffeur" and even a monument to Michael Jackson. Vaynera Street is the favorite resting and shopping place for Yekaterinburg residents. The length of its pedestrian part is slightly less than a kilometer.