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You have a unique opportunity to visit one of the oldest cities on the eastern slope of the Urals (306 km north of Yekaterinburg), which occupies a special place in the history of the region and the country.

Verkhoturye rightly called the patriarch of the Urals. It arose at the end of the 16th century as a stronghold of Russian colonization of the Trans-Urals and Siberia, and at that time it acquired a significant state status and became known as the "GATES OF SIBERIA". The unique originality of the fate of this city is that Verkhoturye eventually turned from a transit and transport hub to the most important cultural and confessional center of the Russian state, which is to this day. And it happened thanks to the righteous Saint Simeon of Verkhoturye, to whose places we invite you to proceed.
Among the architectural ensembles of the ancient city you, of course, will conquer the magnificent Verkhotursky Kremlin - the only one on the Urals. The most remarkable structure on its territory is undoubtedly the Holy Trinity Cathedral, recognized by specialists as the best work of the Moscow Baroque in the Urals, and UNESCO's decision included among the most outstanding architectural monuments of the world.
No one remained indifferent at the sight of the grandiose Holy Cross Cathedral - the third largest temple in Russia, which is only inferior to its greatness only to St. Isaac's Cathedral of St. Petersburg and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow. And it is located on the territory of the St. Nicholas Monastery (1604), whose homestead in the area is comparable to half the territory of the Moscow Kremlin.In addition, you will visit the oldest female convent in the Trans-Urals - Pokrovsky Women's Monastery (founded in 1621), where the relics of one of the revered Ural saints - the foolish Kosma of Verkhoturye.