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Buguldeika village

The village of Buguldeika is located 220 km from the city of Irkutsk in the Olkhon district of the Irkutsk region, at an altitude of 531 m above sea level, in 2010 there were 922 people living in the village.

1. A view from the mountain
On the survey mountain can be reached both independently on foot on an automobile track, and on an off-road car. Before reaching the bridge over the river, turn left into the mountain and drive along the road to the mobile tower.
A magnificent breathtaking panorama from the shore of Lake Baikal, the mouth of the Buguldeika River and the Baikal Range opens from the panoramic mountain. In this place, as if time stops and I want to capture this moment in the photographs.You can also go to the surrounding hills and admire the opening views of Baikal landscapes.
2. The Marble Quarry
When leaving the village of Buguldeika in the direction of the settlement of Elantsev, there is a marble quarry, it can be easily seen from the road, it is not difficult to get there. This is one of the largest deposits of marble in Russia. The difference of this marble from other deposits is high decorativeness, uniformity, density, whiteness and "softness" of the stone. This is an ideal marble for sculptures, belongs to the category of statuary high-quality marble, which, with a tile width of 3 cm, is translucent in the sun and is considered to be the highest grade marble. These deposits of marble are older than Lake Baikal, they are about 2 billion years old, more than 10 km long and are not very deep. At the moment, the marble quarry is abandoned.
3. Beach of Buguldeika village on Lake Baikal
It is wonderful to relax, walk along the pebble shore of the lake, sunbathe, enjoy the Baikal air, the noise of the coastal breeze.
4. The Buguldeika River
The river Buguldeika is considered one of the major rivers flowing into Lake Baikal, before it was more full and on it in the rafted forest. The valley of the river Buguldeika is very picturesque, you can walk along the river along a dirt road, take a picnic along its banks on a cozy lawn among Baikal flowers, have a snack, relax and listen to the sound of water, singing birds. Several ancient caves have been found in the valley of the river Buguldeika. From the river the coast to the North changes its natural landscape quite enough - forests, picturesque meadows and mountains of the Primorsky range are replaced by steppes of the Tazheranskiy massif with scant vegetation and steep rocky capes.
5. The mouth of the river Buguldeika
The Buguldeijka River flows into Baikal, its mouth is winding with bays and shoals. Previously, there was a forestry enterprise in the village, in connection with this, one of the largest ports on Lake Baikal was built at the mouth of the river to transport timber. After the export of timber from the region was banned, the port's work was stopped.
6. Ancient utensils in the estate "Zarechnoye"
The owners of the estate invest their soul in their offspring - they also collect ancient objects of everyday life, interior, restore them, thereby preserving and reviving the history of the Siberian people. In the estate "Zarechnoe" you can see old samovars, irons, household utensils, objects of peasant life, fragments of sledges, carts, mills, fishing gear. Impressive is the design of the mill wheel found by the owner of the estate Sergei Perevoznikov in the deaf taiga in a semi-decayed state and brought to the estate. Now this symbol of the past era pleases the eye, located at the gate of the estate Zarechnoye.