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Cherskiy peak

Cherskiy peak (peak mosquito) is named in honor of Ivan Dementevich Cherskogo, known researcher of Lake Baikal, geologist and geographer, who was exiled to Siberia for their participation in the Polish revolution in 1863 the peak height Cherskogo - 2090 m above sea level.

Cherskiy peak climbing is one of the most popular and most affordable destinations in the Southern Baikal region. Every year thousands of tourists visit the peak. Not only in the Khamar-Daban, but throughout the southern Baikal region there is, perhaps, more accessible mountain trail than climb to the peak Cherskogo. Here are young and old, and groups and alone. The route starts from the city of Slyudyanka that is famous for its marble quarries. The first step of climbing to the peak passes the scenic narrow valley stream Sludyanka to weather station repeatedly crosses the path bridges of poles and beams. Followed by clearing burned and Cossack and small waterfalls on the river Slyudyanka. Then, from the weather station serpentine climbs steep trail (former Mongolian caravan route, built exiles and convicts) that razdvaivayas leads in one direction to the peak, the other - to the waterfalls Podkomarnoy River. On the way to the peak Cherskogo amazing views of the lake which lies far below the Heart. Cherskiy peak height 2090 m above morya.Pobyvav at the top, you can make a few interesting routes: on the lake. Heart, visitors' creek, river Podkomarnuyu with cascading waterfalls, Devil's Gate Pass.