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Church of St. Nicholas in Listvyanka

St. Nicholas Orthodox Church is one of the few preserved architectural monuments in Listvyanka. The building dates from the middle of the century before last. Such buildings in Russia were called the "octagon on the quadrangle". A wooden two-tiered church with belfries is very beautiful and majestic. St. Nicholas Church has its own interesting story.

Merchant Xenophon Serebryakov traded in Siberia in the 40s of the XIX century. His ship fell into a severe storm. Already no one had hoped for salvation. It remained to earnestly pray to Nikolai the Sad, who does not leave the sailors in trouble. And the Holy One helped! The merchant's team left the storm without losses.
That's when the merchant decided to start building the temple, as a tribute to St. Nicholas. The place was chosen very beautiful - the village of Nikola. The beginning was laid in 1846. It stretched for a good ten years, and was completed after the death of Xenophon Serebryakov.
The church was moved several times. At the end of the XIX century, she was on the shore of Lake Baikal. And in 1957 it was decided to push it away for half a kilometer from the shore, to the Crestfall, in order to avoid flooding from the Irkutsk HPP. Today, services are regularly held in the St. Nicholas Church.