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House of Europe (Lace house, House of the Shastin)

The house of the merchant Shastin (1907) is the example of the French association for Shastin was included in the list of the world heritage to be preserved and thanks to the support of Irkutsk mayor it was not pulled down. Now it is called the House of Europe. Official meetings, conferences and exhibitions service of Irkutsk.

The present House of Europe, also called “lacy house”, is one of the symbols of Irkutsk that is renowned for its well-preserved wooden houses decorated with carving. The building called the House of Europe was the house of the Shastins, a family of merchants, built in 1907. The house of the Shastins was put on the list of protected world heritage on initiative of a French association for the preservation of world monuments. Official meetings, conferences and art exhibitions are held in the house.