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Kirov Square

Kirov Square is located between the streets of Lenin and Sukhbaatar, just across the street from the Irkustk State Linguistic University where SRAS programs in Irkutsk are based.

The Square is known for its long history. This beautiful walking area has been around for over 300 years and has been called by twelve different names, changing to reflect the changing city and the changing heroes of Tsarist, Soviet, and modern Russia. During the 17th century Kirov Square, was the center of trade fairs and entertainment in Irkutsk. Products like fur, timber, and tea were sold in in the square. However, now Kirov Square has become one of the main hangouts and event venues in Irkutsk.

The square holds numerous activities and festivities for, for example, Christmas Day, Victory Day, and small parades from local communities. Kirov Square is also a place students can go to enjoy themselves along with their friends any day, anytime.