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Port Baikal

Port Baikal is located on the left bank of the Angara source, at the foot of the Baranchik Cape. The settlement is the end of the Circum-Baikal Railway.

Port Baikal is the original settlement, it is located on the shore of Lake Baikal, and on the bank of the Angara river. All buildings fit in a narrow strip along the coast railway, which, in fact, is the main street of the village.

The earliest known history of human settlement on the territory of Port Baikal belong to the time when this territory lived Evenki. There are two of their seasonal fishing parking in front of the source of the Angara. The village itself has its origins in the first half of the 20th century, when the construction of the Trans-Siberian Irkutsk Baikal reached out, and there was an urgent need for a major transshipment base from rail to water. From here, trains, cargo and passengers were transported to the other side by the icebreaking ferry. After the dam was built (Irkutsk hydroelectric station) and flooded railway branch Irkutsk - Port Baikal, the village has remained a dead-end of the Circum Baikal Railway.

In summer Port Baikal is visited by many tourists. The village has several shops, cafes, there are pensions and guest houses. Some locals rent rooms in summer. The attractions of Port Baikal are the Angara River source and the famous Shaman Rock, Museum of Circum-Baikal railway in the station building, Transfiguration Church.