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Seal Museum (Nerpa)

In the world there are only three freshwater species of seals, and one of them is the Baikal seal (or Baikal seal). Nerpa is a unique symbol of Lake Baikal, because it is the most beautiful inhabitant of the local territories. In the Baikal region there are three faults, the largest of which is located in the village of Listvyanka. 

This is a unique attraction: the seal is forbidden to be taken away from their habitats; in addition, in the natural environment to see these animals is very difficult - they are fearful and secretive. And the visitors of the nerpinarium get an opportunity not only to see near amusing Baikal seals, but also to see the first and only show show in the world with the participation of trained seals. Here I want to note that Baikal seals are much harder to train than their other counterparts: these animals are loners, they do not live in flocks, because of what they are by nature independent and considered the most timid seals on the earth.

The idea to educate and train the seals belongs to the biologist, the researcher of marine mammals Evgeny Baranov. As a research fellow at the Limnological Institute, he said: "The Baikal seal is a highly intelligent animal that can be trained like its ocean companions or dolphins." So, in 2004, the first nerpinarium was discovered on Lake Baikal - there was not yet this term, but the creators dared to call the "circus of seals" a new word.