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Buryats is one of the most numerous ethnic groups inhabiting the territory of Siberia. Ust-Orda region is know because the roots of the Buryat traditional culture originated here. During this tour you will get acquainted with Buryat national folklore, national games and shamanic rituals, you will try traditional dishes of the Buryat cuisine.

Ust-Orda is a village in the Irkutsk region, with a population of about 15 thousand people.

The village is located mostly on the right coast of the Kuda River (one of the tributaries of the Angara), 62km to the north of the regional center. The river flow into several smaller rivers, among them there is the Ordushka (Orda) which gave the name to the village.

Ust-Orda is surround by the hills from the west and east, the height in some places reaches 700 m. 3 km away from the village is located the Bulen mountain, which is the sacred place for Buryat people even nowadays.