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Anichkov Palace

The oldest building on Nevsky prospekt, imperial palace

Anichkov palace was constructed in the XVIII century to be the first stone palace on Nevsky prospect. Initially the palace was known as “the palace at the Anichkov bridge”. The bridge in its turn was called after the officer who commanded battalion that performed the construction the bridge over river Fontanka. During the XVIII century the palace would be presented by empress Elisabeth and later on by empress Catherine II to their minions, in the XIX century the palace was owned by the royal family.

"Anichkov Palace – a monument of Russian history"

Anichkov Palace is considered to be one of the most outstanding examples of palace architecture of 18th to 19th centuries in St Petersburg. The palace was called "Anichkov" after Mikhail Anichkov, the commander of а battalion of engineers who in the reign of Peter the Great built Anichkov Bridge over the River Fontanka. Later, the same name was given to the nearby palace, construction of which, under the orders of Peter's daughter Empress Elizabeth I, commenced in 1741 and finished in 1751.

During the first half century of its existence, Anichkov Palace belonged to the closest favourites of Elizabeth I and Catherine II, Aleksey Razumovsky and His Highness Prince Grigory Potemkin. For the century that followed it was оnе of the residences of the imperial family - their home and venue for lavish official receptions and splendid balls and masquerades. The palace was owned by the Grand Duchess Yekaterina Pavlovna (daughter of Emperor Paul I), Nicholas I, Alexander II and Alexander III. The last Russian emperor Nicholas II, spent his childhood at Anichkov Manor.

The Garden is an essential and one more wonderful part of Anichkov manor, cozy and quiet place in the heart of the bustling megalopolis. Now Anichkov Garden is much smaller than the original - in the XVIII century. To create French Garden, landscape architect Ludovic Kinder Tapers was invited, and K. Rossi designed the lattice fence and two elegant pavilions, which received the name of its creator - the Rossi’s Pavilions.

Today Anichkov Garden is a favorite place for citizens' and guests' walks.