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Mini St. Petersburg

In June 2011, in the Alexander Park, not far from the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Mini-city tourist center was opened, with reduced sculptures of the main sights of St. Petersburg.

Russian sculptor Alexander Taratynov to the 400th anniversary of the birth of Rembrandt created a sculptural composition, the characters of which are taken from the famous painting of the artist "Night Watch". Bronze sculptures were shown on Rembrandt Square in Amsterdam and the exhibition was a huge success with residents and tourists. Then the idea to create something similar in St. Petersburg. Initially it was supposed to perform a composition in one of the Petersburg paintings, but then they stopped at the famous architectural ensembles of the Northern capital.

The idea was supported by the administration of St. Petersburg and the place for the composition was chosen in the Alexander Park.

The sculptures were created in the Architecture Gallery “Gallery 3D” in Moscow and in the fall of 2010 they were brought to the Northern capital, where their assembly began. The project was sponsored by Gazprom. The works were carried out in secret from Petersburgers, the new composition was supposed to be a surprise for them.

Architectural and educational tourist center Mini-city was opened on June 15, 2011 in the southern part of the Alexander Park. Here are presented the smaller ensembles of Palace Square and the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island, the Kazan and St. Isaac's Cathedrals, the Peter and Paul Fortress and the Church of the Savior on Blood, the Admiralty and the Engineer Castle made of granite and bronze. Also created two sculptures in bronze - the patron saint of St. Petersburg, St. Peter and the Architects, which included the great architects Rastrelli and Trezzini, Rossi and Montferrand, Tom de Tomon and Voronikhin, Zakharov and Bazhenov. Visitors like to be photographed next to them, especially since there is a free chair for them there, and children are especially happy when they get on their knees to one of the architects.

The layouts are located on an improvised map of St. Petersburg, the water surface is depicted as dark granite, and the land is light.