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Rose Pavilion

The pink pavilion is one of the most charming buildings of the Pavlovsk park, which has not only artistic but also historical value. A simple building, crowned with a dome, was built by the chief architect of Pavlovsk, Andrei Voronikhin, in 1807.

As Mary Fyodorovna dreamed, the Pink Pavilion became the realm of the rose, the favorite flower of the mistress of the park. The queen of flowers was depicted on the upholstery of furniture and services, rosaels were arranged around the building, and on the pediment a gilded inscription in French "Pavillon des roses".
In this house Maria Fyodorovna arranged real art festivals, artists, writers and musicians gathered here, all educated people who were not indifferent to art could come here.
In July 1814, the Rose Pavilion became the venue for a solemn meeting of the emperor Alexander I, who returned from Paris, and his guards. For the upcoming celebration, architect Carl Rossi attached a ballroom to the building, a pier for fishing was also constructed, and the master decorator Pietro Gonzaga created bright scenery depicting the Russian village of that time. Nearby were installed copper statues of Hercules, sitting on a horse, and Apollo of Herculane.
At the celebration, laudatory hymns were performed in the performance of the choirs, and the celebration ended with firing from cannon and fireworks.And now, like 200 years ago, the Rose Pavilion attracts people who love music, painting and literature. Every year in this beautiful place of the Pavlovsk park there are musical events - the International Festival "The Great Waltz" and the International Festival "Glory, Glinka!", Dedicated to the work of the great Russian composer Mikhail Glinka.